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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Eyeliner tricker! ;)

Hey have you had difficulty putting eyeliner well here it is! BeautyBubblz are here to show you the way on how to put Eyeliner without smudging or getting it MESSY! ughh..hate messy!

This will only take about 2 to 7 mins as usual :D Yay easy peasy!
to do this you will need a paper card or a card , pencil...whatever LOL :D
get 2 piece of tissue now get the card and lift only a bit away from the eye waterline and abit of the eyelid (the eyelid is where we are going to put the eyeliner ^_^
Next,draw it on the card estimate it on the tissue by drawing on the tissue, cut out the tissue NOW WET IT! but not too wet or the tissue will be teared apart.
Put the wet tissue abit away from the eyelid and eye waterline now put the 2nd dry tissue on top of the wet tissue if you want to extend your eyeliner put somemore tissue! ;D now apply you eyeliner.
Take off the tissue.
VOILA! ^_^ Isn't that easy .

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