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Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Secret of making your skin clear and clean! COMBINATION!

Have you ever wanted clear skin? YES
The secret is Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize!
So I cleanse first by a cleansing milk any cleansing milk will do! ^_^ Then I use clearisil to get rid of spots and to maintain clear skin , lastly but not least I use St.Ives apricot blemish scrub. VOILA Nice clean and clear complexion.
Tone , have you ever had different skin colour/color which is pigmentation for e.g. your forehead is darker than your cheeks O.O OH no but having nice skin is to also have even skin tone. I use NANO white toner but you use any brand of you choice as long it's a toner AGAIN VOILA :D nice skin.
Finally , Moisturize that is the most important thing to keep your skin clean, healthy , a nice glow for the whole day especially when you are at work or school or actually at a holiday etc! ^_^ I usually use Nivea Aloe vera lotion small but effective and good for sensitive skin! (Any brand will do ) . 
HOPE I HELPED YOU OH BTW DO THIS ROUTINE (SECRET which i am sharing with you all) 2-3 times a DAY! good luck. ^_^ BeautyBubblz x

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