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Sunday, 4 September 2011

The secret to shiny soft silky HAIR! ^_^

This is an exclusive secret !
Well to have soft silky hair you will need:- VO5 hot oil or olive oil , towel , shampoo/conditioner (if wish to use after) and finally ASDA styling serum (conditioning) or you can use any type of other brand as long as it's serum.

BeautyBubblz found out that people feel sad about their hair because it is damaged,dry,dull,not shiny etc!
Well BeautyBubblz are here to show you the secret to having shiny soft silky HAIR ! ^_^ It's easy it will take about  45 mins all together to give you the perfect results!

1.Damp the Hair.
2.Apply VO5 hot oil or olive oil evenly all over your hair.
3.Wrap towel over the hair and wait for 1 mins or to get better results do about 5 mins ^_^
4.Once you have waited, rinse off.
5.Put shampoo rinse then conditioner (if wish).
6.Then rinse.
7.Pat dry hair just leave the hair a bit wet .
8.Apply ASDA styling serum all over the hair (about 3 drops if really dry hair 7 drops!).
9.You can leave it to dry or style it as usual.

VOILA! ^_^ That is the secret.

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